“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”
-Robert Collier.

Alaska. Homer spit. Kenai Peninsula, Kachemak Bay, Kenai Mountains. Bald Eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) roost on a log on the beach in early spring.

Alaska. Homer spit. Kenai Peninsula, Kachemak Bay, Kenai Mountains. Bald Eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) roost on a log on the beach in early spring.

For most companies in the 21st century, ‘re-branding’ is a common practice. Companies re-brand their products and names to survive today’s fierce competition. Our lives in one way or another, are just like these companies’ products and names i.e. if we
don’t re-brand ourselves we become irrelevant in the current world. Re-branding is a reality we must embrace and learn to live with.

Just as an eagle sheds feathers, beak and crawls, we need to shed our past self and re-brand ourselves to become the creatures we want or need to be, going forward. The eagle goes through a lot of pain as it re-brands itself; often it’s a matter of life or death. For it to survive, it has no choice but to re-brand.

Re-branding is not an easy process. The move from who we are to who we want or need to be, will often prove painful and challenging. However, the pain is well worth it since this will enable us to become the person who others want to be associated with.

Are you tired with your current life? If so, what is holding you back from ’re-branding’ yourself? Is it fear? I have learnt to re-brand myself anytime I feel tired about my current situations. The principle of re-branding has totally changed my life and the lives of others throughout the world. Re-branding is letting go of the current you and going for what you think you should be. Re-branding enables us to settle for nothing less than what we deserve. It does however, mean getting out of our comfort zones. It’s awesome getting out of a comfort zone, reason being; “The end of a comfort zone is the beginning of a new life”. We all want a new self, yet for this to take place, we have to pay the price by re-branding ourselves.
The eagle knows how to shake off that which doesn’t bring the best out of its life. We are the eagles of today. Your life is loaded with habits that can make you move from good to bad. Re-branding therefore becomes a basic need in your life and not a choice as to whether you should undertake the process.
We cannot keep blaming our past and others for what our lives have become. We are our own solution. Through re-branding we let out our solution and our lives become better products in the human capital market. Just be re-branded; you have got no choice as it’s now a requirement. The world desires and wants the new eagle in you. All new good things that have resulted in our lives, are the result of something we changed. If we have to re-brand, change is part of it. If you don’t learn to embrace change then forget any kind of success. Success comes to those who embrace change.

  Motivational Speaker

  Boniface Mugo.


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