“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson


Many people just live for the sake of living, it’s the high time we change for the better. What we need is a turn back to where we deserve to be. It’s not too late, the best thing that counts is commencing your journey to where you deserve to be, let every step of the journey count. The biggest room in the world is “Room of Improvement”. Utilize your room and make yourself better than you were yesterday.   Knowing our purpose and practicing it should be part of us, nothing more nothing less. “What is my purpose??”

Do you know why majority of people from all walks of life aren’t living happily? It’s because they have abandoned their purpose, they no longer do what they love doing. My friend if you would decide today to do that which you love, life would be sweeter than honey.

Let’s get ourselves out of chains of people who have invested wrongly in the wrong things that have continued to deprive us real life of abundance .Are you living as it should be? And if you are have you given it all you have? I mean are you utilizing your potential to the fullest?

It’s now clear my friend we do live for a purpose, it’s only from realizing what we are meant to do, that will set us free. Go out, in the world and present your purpose your only course why you live. Doing that makes anything else to fall into place, you start getting the right people to help you achieve what you want, they can testify; this gentleman, this lady is crazy in his or her a purpose.

We need guys who are ready enough to dance in their purpose and the world becomes a dancing floor for the people who are crazy for a purpose. My friend let’s see the dance you got for us, that the only sure way we are going to remember you, remember we live a legacy every day through our purpose. That tells you every second counts when it comes to living legacy.   LET’S KNOW YOU, FROM DANCING YOUR PURPOSE.

GET DANCING!!!!!!!!!!!

Motivational Speaker,

Boniface Mugo.




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Success Coach/Transformational Speaker/Job Strategist
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