“Comfort zone is your own creation that has continued to confine your growth.”-Boniface Mugo.

comfortMany are the days we are stuck in circumstances which turns out to be traumatizing and still comfortable if we are not willing to step out. I call or refer to them traumatizing reason being, we become uncomfortable. I got no problem by us being uncomfortable my question is, “For how long will you continue being uncomfortable in the midst of the circumstances that prevail in your life?” In such circumstances one side of us is comfortable while the other is uncomfortable. There is a tangle as to which voice to embrace, not forgetting to erase being uncomfortable one has to sacrifice and challenge the circumstance.

“Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.”-Brian Tracy.

Last year I entered in a lecture hall and sat at the farthest end, after few minutes I felt uncomfortable being uncomfortable .At first I answered questions while at the far end. There was an alarm in me that being at that far end wasn’t my rightful position. I thought of moving in front where the lecturer was, but in my mind I had a million and dollar questions: “No!! What will people say about me?? They will think I am crazy, the lecturer will identify me ….”The list was long and endless. Nothing less nothing more, but reasons to make me comfortable at the back.  All at once I woke up and moved in front without giving a thought as to what people would think or say about me.

“Learn how to handle rejection, work hard and function outside of your comfort zone. Success will be yours.”-Gonzo Arguzu.”

In my mind were reasons as to why I should be in front. I was now at my rightful position. I was now comfortable for having been uncomfortable. Previously my reasons not to move in front somehow closed me in a comfort zone for I knew there was a price I had to pay.

From my experience it’s clear and evident that in the midst of various circumstances in our lives lies a pool of comfort zones. In this pool of comfort zones most of us are stuck and cannot move any further, we keep giving reasons as to why we cannot swim out instead of speaking reasons as to why we should swim out. While sited at the back I comforted myself with all sorts of reasons as to why I was to remain there, that wasn’t my rightful position. Are you in your rightful position in life? Later I spoke my reasons out, to be where I deserved. We all deserve to be at a better position in life, the lowest position you are today is the lowest position you will ever be in life, so get up from your current comfort zones.

Today is your day to shift from to “Be uncomfortable being uncomfortable “to “BE COMFORTABLE BEING UNCOMFORTABLE”. I  hope I do not sound philosophical by those terms and if I do ,this what I mean; when we become comfortable being uncomfortable we accept that it’s okay being  in the circumstances  which we are going through (they are opportunities of  growth)  , all we need is to strike a quick decision to set our lives free. We need to keep our wits with us. When faced by a challenge we need to be armed to strike a quick decision and the best.

“In order to truly master the comfort zone, you have to learn to love it.”-Peter Mcwilliams. Which means your now comfortable being uncomfortable.

With the above principle of success, at no time should we let our destiny be determined by our circumstance. We can control our lives; people’s opinions about us will not become our compass in our journey to our success. Our thoughts make us, you are what you are today as a result of your thoughts and choices in the past. In the midst of being uncomfortable, have the right thoughts to be free. You will have become a result of your thoughts either positively or negatively the choice is yours.

As I conclude always know that when you are comfortable being uncomfortable you are creating a path for growth in your life, but you must act to use your path and set yourself free. May this year in all your uncomfortable circumstances create reasons on how to improve and claim what you deserve.Being uncomfortable is only a trigger that you deserve better embrace the feeling and act to elevate yourself to where you deserve. Totally refuse to be uncomfortable to get out of your comfort zone, remember ,”Most everything that you want is just outside your comfort zone.”


Motivational Speaker,

Boniface Mugo.


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Success Coach/Transformational Speaker/Job Strategist
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