Motivational Speaker | Social Media Specialist | Co-operatives Coach

Motivational Speaker


Through my passion to inspire others in life i organise events , partner with others experts and publish inspirational articles that not only inspire , but challenge and motivate. I believe everyone was born for a reason and the reason is greatness. We have greatness within every person , but what matters most is makings steps daily to unmask that greatness. If you need Boniface Mugo to visit your institution for a talk feel free to reach me through my contacts.

Social Media Specialist

Media Heart Ltd Logo

Connection To Your Audience Tel:+254731440652 Email:mediaheart30@gmail.com

Media Heart is a specialist firm that provides a whole range of social media services including : Content Providers for facebook /tweeter & websites, Managing social media platforms, Generation of Facebook likes. With offices in Nairobi in Kenya. Media Heart gives organizations a chance to have an effective customer care services online hence offering them an edge in a hyper competitive world. My firm is offering social media services to co-operatives organizations that seem not ready to embrace the era, i hope to reach more such organizations.

Co-operatives Coach

Cooperator Boniface Mugo

I am a Cooperator at Heart

As a cooperator i volunteer to create awareness about Co-operative Business Model. I visit groups, churches & institutions of learning and advocate for people to form or join credit unions widely know as SACCOs in Kenya. I also advocate for already existing members to understand the co-operative model so that they act as watchdogs for the societies in which they are affliated to. My passion for co-operatives has helped me to reach many and with support from the relevant authorities i would reach more people.

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