Word Quotes

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“Doers talk their walk. Be a doer and they will walk and talk your walk.”-Boniface Mugo.

“We all have dreams , but few achieve them because they choose one dream(PURPOSE) to claim which lays a foundation for an automatic manifestation to achieve others.”-Boniface Mugo.

“The end of your destiny may be be certain, but the opportunities to manifest it are never clear. Be watchful in every opportunity life presents.”-Boniface Mugo.

“To claim my dream i never had everything i thought i needed , but i had everything to start.”-Boniface Mugo.  or

“You will always have everything you deserve to start to claim your dream , but you will never have everything you think you need to claim your dream.”-Boniface Mugo.

“Their NO pushed and challenged me to create the person i am today.”-Boniface Mugo.

“A wise person knows he can be taught, but it is the fool who thinks he cannot be fooled.”-Boniface Mugo.

“Your dream manifestation has two options, You complain or act and claim the dream.”-Boniface Mugo.

“Be watchful in every opportunity life presents, those are the dots on the path of your destiny.”-Boniface Mugo.

Some dreams inside you are dead, don’t misuse time waiting for them to call you, claim them and they will call you ready to show you the next step.-Boniface Mugo.

“The greatest of men bounced at the point we complain ‘I GOT NO CAPITAL’.”-Boniface Mugo.

“We are all in a journey to unmask our greatness. My mission is to be a DREAM CONNECTOR to ensure you ACT towards claiming them.”-Boniface Mugo.

“You can either choose to claim your dream or be an agent for the manifestation of other peoples dreams.”-Boniface Mugo.

“Saying you have a dream is not enough, but acting to claim the dream is enough to achieve it.”-Boniface Mugo.

“To start your journey towards your destiny you just need to start and all you need to arrive will show up on the way, just be watchful of useful opportunities and dream connectors and seize them.”-Boniface Mugo.

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