“A fool always finds a greater fool to admire him.”
Boileau-Despreaux, Nicholas
         Book: L’Art poétique

wisemanAt times its difficult dealing with a fool. I have been researching how best we can deal with them, they are everywhere and to be frank even ourselves we are at times fools. What is important is for us to embrace the steps of the wise in every step of the way in our lives.

A book titled ” Necessary Endings”  by Dr, Henry Cloud depicts the difference between a wise person and a fool.

The difference between a wise person and a fool is not about:

  • Position. Plenty of business leaders, pastors, and politicians are fools. Conversely, I have met wise executive assistants, gardeners, and even one shoe shine man.
  • Intelligence. I know fools with masters degrees and Ph.Ds. Some of them teach in universities and have written books. Conversely, I know wise people who never graduated from high school and a few who can’t read.
  • Talent. I know fools who are successful entrepreneurs, worship leaders, and television pundits. I know wise people with average talent and modest income.

From Dr. Henry words i understood better that fools were not who i thought they were, successful people in certain fields are fools yet i thought them different.

According to King Solomon, there is one major thing that differentiates a wise person from a fool: how he or she receives instruction and correction. (See, for example, Proverbs 1:5; 9:8–9; 10:8; 12:15; 15:12; 17:10; and 19:20.)

A wise person:

  1. Listens without being defensive.
  2. Accepts responsibility without blame.
  3. Changes without delay.

If you are dealing with a wise person, talking is helpful. They soak up feedback and use it to adjust their lives for the better. Your input can truly make a difference.

If you are dealing with a fool, however, talking is a waste of your time. They resist change. The problem is never “in the room.” It’s always out there somewhere—something you can neither access nor address.

For the 23 years I have been in the world i have always wondered why some conversations never seem to go any where. Instead, I am left confused ,frustrated….name it any hurting experience goes through me at such times. NOW I KNOW BETTER. This inevitably happens when you are talking with a fool.

By the way, this doesn’t mean that you have to write fools off. Instead, you have to change strategies. More talk won’t help a fool. Instead, you must:

  1. Stop talking.
  2. Provide limits.
  3. Give consequences.

If this topic interests you, I recommend you read Necessary Endings. Honestly, it is one of the best books one can read on how to deal with people. You can click https://bonifacemugo.wordpress.com/free-e-books/book-reviews/ to download the book review.

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Boniface Mugo.


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