“Life is a game of choice”. –Abdulazeez Henry Musa

images (5)Every time we wake up in the morning by evening different results,

Some experience a happy day, while others a sad day,

Some manage their stress, while others are managed by their stress,

Some plan their day, while others are planned by their day,

Some harvest positivity, while others negativity,

Life is so SWEET, If you want it so.

Why it is some keep succeeding, while others keep failing?

Why is it some achieve more, while others achieve less?

Why is it some give up, while others keep moving?

Why is it some complain, while others learn lessons from situations?

Why is it some rich, less happy, some poor but more happy?

If you think you CAN and if you think you CANNOT you are always right.

We all want to swim in success, how many are willing to pay the swimming fee?

If wishing was success even the mad people would be rich, that not the case,

Many possess the best sure ticket to poverty kingdom “IGNORANCE”,

Keep off ignorance if you want to swim in success, what do you want?

Do you know? If you have no goals, you help others achieve theirs,

Success comes to those who ACT and DO something.

Motivational Speaker,

Boniface Mugo.


About bonifacemugo

Success Coach/Transformational Speaker/Job Strategist
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